Los Invitables

En esta imagen les presento unos nuevos personajes que son parte de un proyecto de libro llamado “Los Invitables”.

100 Gococos

After sending my second book to the editors I already started working on another book, in this case, it´s a look-and-find book. This is a preliminary artwork to check how these dog characters work together. There are almost 100 Gococos on this page and my aim is to have 1000 in the book.

Let me show you a little bit of the process:

1. Sketches
I´ve reinterpreted old and new sketches.

2. Final A3 artwork

I didn´t have a composition or a grid. I did improvise all of it on the go, drawing with blue pencil first and then inking with my Lamy pen. I´m trying to loosen up my line.

3. Digitalized artwork in grayscale

I decided to scan it in grayscale to keep the ink transparency, erasing the blue pencil with Photoshop.

4. Digital color using Photoshop

I painted each color in a separated layer.

5. Final artwork

Hope you like it!

Pueden leer la versión en Español en este post de Doméstika.  


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