Churro y el mago

Editado en español, francés y catalán por Mamut Comics

Tapa dura con cantos romos
40 páginas • 19 x 26 cm
isbn 9788416114948

Churro pierde el autobús escolar pero encuentra una varita mágica.
¡El día promete ser mucho más entretenido, eso sí no para todos!

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Churro & the magician
Edited by Clarion Books (Harper Collins)

ISBN: 9780358467755

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“This wordless adventure is a terrific addition to the recent boom of graphic novels for emerging readers.” — Booklist

“Brimming with imagination and cheery humor, this wordless Spanish import uses digital cartoon illustrations to conjure up a topsy-turvy, dreamlike cityscape reminiscent of Lewis Carroll's Wonderland. . . [and] succeeds as an accessible entry point to the comics medium.” — Kirkus Reviews

“A wordless graphic novel full of wonder and imagination that emulates the creativity of kids.” — Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“Caba’s briskly paced, imagination-fueled digital panels tell a story that’s equal parts comical, magical, and welcoming to new readers.” — Publishers Weekly

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