Double-page spreads for DOT Magazine

Vol. 8 to Vol. 29

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My character Churro, the round bunny started as a series of one-panel gags with bunnies as protagonists. I sent them to Cathy, editor of Anorak Magazine for her consideration. She liked the character but the mood was a little adult for the magazine. In response to that, I created a series of four-panel comic strip, this time with a children oriented spirit. 

I created the first 30 of them, and then Cathy asked me to collaborate with Anorak, which was a thrill. I did two collaborations and, after that, she decided to move it to Dot magazine, as the comic was better fit for the +3 ages. 

Having double-page spreads to play with makes me experiment with different formats and is a great way to expand the Churro universe. I enjoy this ongoing collaboration  a lot.

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